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Sorry about the adds. There's no such thing as free websites, but there are free lunches- I've had some.

My Travels
My account of my travels, both domestic and around the world.
Aggie stuff
My Fight'n' Texas Aggie page with cool photos and traditions.By the way, I'm a proud member of the Fight'n' Texas Aggie Class of 2003. WHOOP!!
Verse of the Day
The College Gourmet

My "homebrew" recipies for quick, cheap, and tasty food. Watch out Emeril, I'm coming!
TI92 Programs
Some programs I've written in TI-Basic, and some assembly programs (PlusShell) I've downloaded from other sites. It's probably still under construction, because some of my programs are works in progress.
My Poetry
It might not be on a level with Poe or Bronte, but it conveys my feelings.
Electronic Circuits

Miscellaneous electronics resources: circuits, schematics, theory, links,etc.

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