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Phoenix (9-11-01)

Two steel monoliths rising gracefully above the River,
In the autumn morning sun glistening.
A small large silver-sliver arrow
Piercing the wall in a red-orange rose flame.

Every head turns its shock-wide-eyed gaze upward
As the tower's lifeblood drops from the sun-darkened sky.
Then a familiar low-whine-rumble as
The twin brother receives his own fatal blow.

The cheerful sun hides its face behind a veil of ash
As the twins thrash in their death throes.
Valiant heroes rush to aide the falling giants,
But are lost amid the colossal carcasses.

The arrows keep falling -
One strikes the five-sided base of the sword.
It's brother is intercepted in the wood.

But these arrows did not fell the Liberty Oak.
Though it be burned and broken,
It shall rise Phoenix-like from its ashes,
Strengthened with resolve.

As steel is strengthened by flame,
So too has Lady Liberty's fabric been tempered.
She will not give in to fear!
As long as the Star-Spangled-Banner waves,
All her being will stand for Liberty and Justice for all.

© 2001 David G. Brown