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David's TI92+ Site

 TI Basic Programs
 Plus Shell Assembly Programs

TI Basic Programs


  • All the files in this section
  • Card Library - a set of functions and pictures for card games
  • Farkle - a really fun dice game
  • Solitaire - my version of solitaire
  • Tut's Tomb - a.k.a. Pyramid card game
  • Go Fish'n' - this is a game for those times when solitaire just isn't enough
  • Mankala - fun African pebble game
  • Blackjack - plain old Blackjack
  • Math

  • All files in this section
  • Angle Toggle - toggles between radian and degree modes quick and easily
  • Rieman Sum - calculates Rieman Sums (it also slices and dices)
  • Trapezoid Rule - finds area under a curve
  • Best-fit Line - finds line that most closely fits a set of data using several different regression methods
  • Newton's Method - calculates root of equation and displays intermediate values as it looks for root
  • Simpson's Rule - finds area under a curve
  • Miscellaneous

  • All files in this section
  • Crazy Ant - a crazy ant crawls around the screen
  • Random Walk - a dot randomly moves about the screen
  • Checkbook - handly checkbook program to keep track of checks
  • pxlrect - useful function to draw boxes on the screen
  • String Padder - adds spaces to the beggining or end of a string

  • Plus Shell Assembly Programs

     Plus Shell 0.9 - the Plus Shell browser


  • All files in this section
  • Bomber - Bomberman clone
  • Solitaire - not just solitaire, its Rusty's Ultimate Solitaire.
  • Tetris - need I say anymore
  • Same Game - shape matching game similar to Columns and Dr. Mario
  • Minesweeper - classic Windows game