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Projects I'll probably never finish...
LATMAN is a four channel remote controlled audio mixer. It has four XLR inputs and an XLR output. The remote interface is implemented using a PC's serial port and a special RF dongle to transmit commands to the unit. And what does LATMAN standfor? Thats a secret! Muhahaha!
In the works since fall 2001
The Numerical Communication Device is a simple handheld RF unit that sends/recieves a two digit numeric code. The code is displayed on two sets of dual 7 segment LED's, one for transmit and one for recieve. Also useful is the call function which causes a LED to blink on the recieving unit.
In the works since fall 2002
SWARM is a blast from the past - a purely electromechanical computer. It has 16 instructions, 16 4-bit bytes of "memory", and instructions are stored on paper tape. This is a project for the pure fun of it, especially since it will cost about $500 and serves no real useful purpose. Incidently, this is reflected in its name: Stupid Wussy Archaic Relay Machine. The name is aslo fitting since in operation the machine will sound like a swarm of locusts.
In the works since spring 2003
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